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  Hi, welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy it. I know I'm biased, but I think that this page and my "MORE: Kevin's Old Time Radio LINKS page" (with over 170 more OTR LINKS)  are the most comprehensive bunch of OTR LINKS on the 'net.
  For me, (Im  52), OTR is a facinating glimpse into a past generation. I especially enjoy the old comedy shows and Sci-Fi. I even recall seeing many of these performers after they had transitioned to television, but had no idea they had been stars on radio.
  The Jack Benny program was on the air for 23 years and today's youth don't even know his name; or only know the genius of Orson Welles from "Citizen Kane". I think that's a crying shame. It's as if everything before HDTV doesn't exist because the sound and picture quality doesn't measure up to today's standards. These great performers deserve to not be designated to the trashheap of history. We're lucky to have this audio record of this piece of Americana.
  So, enjoy. I hope you get as much satisfaction from this resource as I had compiling it. I got tired of rumaging through my bookmarks to find all of my favorite sites, so I decided to organize them and share it with everyone. THANKS for stopping by and don't forget to enjoy the "Show of the Week".

                                                       Kevin Williams

P.S I've tried to make this page low-bandwith friendly by  holding down on the graphics and other assorted bells and whistles and trying to remember the old acronym KISS (keep it simple, stupid). I've also tried to incorporate as much info on the smallest page possible to fascilitate an enjoyable web browsing experience

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Isaac Asimov
Ray Bradbury (still working on it)
download pages compiled by Kevin's OTR LINKS

Radio Adaptations of classic movies
download page compiled by Kevin's OTR LINKS  

compiled by Kevin's OTR LINKS

The Mercury Theater
MORE Orson Welles
Orson Welles on the Jack Benny Show


Christmas episodes of the classic radio series available for streaming or downloading.
Great Gildersleeve Christmas
download page compiled by Kevin's OTR LINKS

SHOW OF THE WEEK 10/20/2014

texas rangers

The Great Gildersleeve
"Halloween Party"
September 7, 1958

 Starring the comedic Harold Peary: Uncle Mort and family prepare for a halloween party and share tales of mischief. Leroy dresses as Frankenstein and Gildersleeve is hit with a sock full of flour. Judge Hooker, Leila, and Eve Goodwin bob for apples in this classic old time radio Halloween special.

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Digital Deli Online
over a quarter million! files -$5 per gig donation for access to their ftp server $10 and up donation for full membership access to 48,000 shows
FREE to the blind-  2,500 OTR shows are avilable for FREE

Botar Archive
Escape and Suspense!
Hard SF
Internet Archive
Internet Archive - OTRR section
Old Time Radio Researchers Library (OTRR)
Relic Radio
Zoot Radio IT'S BACK! over 20,000 shows for FREE-  registration required

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OTRnow Crime Time/16kps Stream/
Mystery Play Internet Radio/16kps -Listen here here or here
AM 600 Conyers GA/24kps Stream
AM710 Antioch/24kps Stream
Brando Classic OTR/24kps Stream
Crypt Theater/24kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime Internet Radio/24kps Stream
Dramatic Radio/24kps Winampwindows Media PlayerQuickTime
GoldRadio/24kps Stream
Horror Theater /24kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
Old Valve Radio/24kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal Player
Radio Time Machine /24kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
Rumsey Retro /24kps Stream/
Heat Wave Radio OTR Crime Classic's/32kps Stream  
OTR Central's Radio Mystery Theater/32kps Stream
OTR Fan stream /32kps M3U stream
Oxford Classics Radio/32kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
Roswell UFO Radio/32kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
The Radio Theater Channel/32kps Stream
ROK American Comedy channel/32kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
ROK British Comedy channel/32kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
ROK Crime and Suspense channel/32kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
ROK Old Time Gold Channel/32kps windows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
ROK Science Fiction and Supernatural channel/32kps windows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
WNAR Recreation Radio/32kps windows Media PlayerReal Player radio/40kps Stream
Audio Noir /48kps 
Insomnia Theater Jean Shepard 24-7/48kps Stream
Relic Radio/48kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
Abacus FM The Goon Show channel/64kps Stream
All Time Oldies Radio Theater Channel/64kps Stream
Hank's Old Time Radio/64kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal Player M3U stream
Old Time Radio CFRG/64kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal Player M3U Stream /64kps
Winampwindows Media PlayerReal Player M3U stream
PDHradio /64kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal Player M3U stream
Rosebud Radio/64kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
20th Century Radio/64kps 
Heat Wave Radio OTR Crime Classic's/96kps Stream
Listen2MyRadio/96kps Stream
Vintage Broadcast/96kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal Player M3U Stream
Heat Wave Radio OTR Family Classic's/128kps  Stream
OTR Gold /128kps Stream
Williams 93.3 FM /128kps Winampwindows Media PlayerReal PlayerQuickTime
Blue Stream    32kps stream
Red Stream   32kps stream
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Live365 Internet Radio OTR  some channels are free (w/ads)
 -others require VIP membership


CBS Mystery Theater in-page flash player- shows are also downloadable
My Old Radio in-page flash player- free registraion required to listen to some content
Old Time Radio in-page flash players with 18kps streams
OTR Network 16kps Real Audio Streams* 

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Brando Classic Old Time Radio
ORCAT -Old Time Radio Catalog
Radio Archive, The
Radio Lady's Old Time Radio Shop, The
Sean O'Brien's Old Time Radio Collection
Your Radio Shows


Digital Deli too

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